Interface control for thin clients

Protection of the USB interface - simple and efficient

Thin clients and terminal servers are increasingly used in small and medium-sized enterprises, as they offer the possibility of a unified and easy-to-manage system environment. However, when it comes to protecting the most available USB interface, many administrators are faced with the question of how to implement the business requirements regarding IT security, without limiting the processes and productivity of employees. Often the general switching-off of this interface seems to be the best alternative selected by the administrator, even if specific thin clients must be unlocked individually and costly.

Secure data transfer through DriveLock

DriveLock offers exactly the solution that gives the company the lost flexibility back. Our unique interface control for thin clients and virtual desktops provides safe data transfer and can be as easily configured as for normal workplaces as well. It does not matter whether you use Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix XenApp or virtualization platforms such as VMware View etc. With the integrated DriveLock management console, it can be specified which type of data can be read from an external drive or copied on a storage medium. In addition, a detailed logging of file access is available.

In connection with the extension DriveLock Encryption 2-Go external drives can be automatically and transparently encrypted for the user. Once an encrypted disk is used through the thin client, DriveLock provides the user within his working environment with an additional Windows drive, where the files are stored encrypted without further action by the user.

Thin Clients of Wyse and Igel

For Wyse thin clients with the operating system Linux V6 there is a special software package (DriveLock ICA Virtual Channel) for communication with the centrally DriveLock Agent installed on the Citrix XenApp server. For Linux-based Universal Desktop Igel thin clients (from UD V4.11, ICA) this functionality is already fully integrated.

So detail information of the connected drives (such as manufacturer ID or serial number) can also be read and thus used for a more detailed configuration after installing DriveLock, corresponding to the options in FAT clients.

DriveLock with thin clients

The interface control with DriveLock is also possible even if you can't install any additional software on the thin clients. The installed DriveLock Agent on the terminal server protects all drives within a user session through the terminal server software, such as Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix XenApp which are made available to the user, including file filters and logging, shadow copies and automatic encryption of external drives.

DriveLock and Windows Embedded

Also on the latest generation of the operating system Windows Embedded DriveLock can be used and provides the same level of security as the standard operating systems of Microsoft. Once an installation of additional software on a so-equipped thin client is possible, the DriveLock Agent can ensure the implementation of the central security policies.

DriveLock for thin client manufacturers

CenterTools provides manufacturers of thin client operating systems the opportunity to adapt the thin client agent developed under Linux and integrate it into their own system. Thus you are able to additionally offer your customers the opportunity to secure the external USB interface, improve the acceptance significantly and therefore to benefit from competitive advantages. For more information about the integration possibilities please contact us.

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