Secure Data Erasure

Each day, companies, enterprises, corporates, banks and many other institutions encounter growing amounts of data on increasingly diverse electronic devices. Failure to effectively remove this information when equipment is retired or reassigned can result in data leaks with serious legal and financial consequences, especially given the growth in data protection regulations and standards.

We protect businesses and their sensitive data with solutions that simplify the integration of data erasure management into IT security policy. With a centrally managed console that detects and simultaneously erases multiple device types – from smartphones to servers and storage arrays – we automate the erasure process to minimize productivity impacts. Our certified solutions automatically generate an erasure report, providing an immediate audit trail.

As data erasure experts, we thrive on providing customers with the highest quality products.

  • Certified secure data erasure
  • Detailed reports which can be used as evidence of successful erasure and is a key principle towards compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Auditable process which is an important requirement for compliance with IT security
  • Erasure solutions for every need –We are one of only a few companies that offer a full suite of products
  • Secure Erase-Software
  • Secure Erase-Hardware
  • Service Kits
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