LibraEsva Cloud Virtual Appliance

Libra Esva Cloud Virtual Appliance is a real boost for organizations looking for a private cloud deployment! This product is a dedicated instance of Libra Esva, running on our datacenters and not shared with anyone else. Libra Esva Cloud Appliance will easily fit the bill for most companies that don’t want to manage hardware infrastructure anymore. Ideal solution for ISP/MSPs who want to offer spam filtering as a service, resellers who want to White-Label Libra Esva and sell it under their own brand, or companies where a shared resource is not possible due to legislation or regulatory requirements.

  • Pre-Configured by Libra Esva experts
  • Dedicated Virtual Appliance, not shared with anyone else
  • Spam Catch Rate of more than 99,9 %
  • False Positive Rate near to zero
  • Detects potentially dangerous contents
  • Multi layered anti-spam engine
  • Custom pattern filtering rules to block or accept messages based on filter rules applied to messages subject, header or body
  • Public RBL Checks
  • Exclusive Local RBL feature
  • SMTP Rejects and Delivery Information reporting
  • Implements heuristic techniques including Bayesian filters
  • Multiple Antivirus Support, including Clamav, Avira and BitDefender
  • Image analysis (OCR)
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Zimbra
  • Allows for multiple domains, multiple user levels and multiple administrators
  • Fully automated updating, including antivirus, anti spam and anti-phishing rules
  • SMTP Policy Quotas

Libra Esva End User Quarantine Management, is available for:

  • Apple IOS
  • Google Android
  • Microsoft Outlook Add-In
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