DriveLock encrypts your data - safe!

Unintentionally data loss is a greater risk than theft of information. Employees exchange data with customers or colleagues or they use their mobile workplace in public areas. In these cases it can happen very easily that a USB stick goes missing or a laptop gets stolen. The person who finds the device or who has stolen the device will be able to use the found data to his own advantage and even sell it on to the competition.

The most effective and easiest way to protect against data loss threat is to encrypt all data. When a device gets lost or stolen the only loss for the company is a financial one for the hardware lost. The data is no longer valuable and no longer readable because it is encrypted .

Attention: Many devices offer an illusion of security. Password protection doesn't replace encryption, it may only discourage an undiscerning hacker.

DriveLock protects in every case: All hard disks, USB sticks, SD media, eSata hard disk or CD's / DVD's burnt by users can be encrypted with a certified process; if the company policy requires it the encryption in all these cases can be forced. Data stored in the Cloud can be stored securely thanks to the data encryption in DriveLock File Protection.

Security for your hard disks

We offer an encryption method which is the perfect addition to our interface control: The encryption runs transparently and behind the scenes so it doesn't affect the working process and the users can go on using their computer without noticing anything.
All company legal requirements can be taken into account, in the creation of the configuration in DriveLock to be distributed on all machines within the company. The users won't notice any difference in their work process since the hard disk encrytpion runs in the background. Windows log in can be used to log into the PBA offering the same log data for the user to log on to the system. Integrated central management and Microsoft Active Directory enable an easy installing of DriveLock Full Disk Encryption on your computer.
Through the configuration of whitelist rules (based on devices and hardware ID‘s) it can be specified which device can be used at which time by which user. Access to external drives can be controlled through the manufacturer serial number, product number or hardware ID. This allows the exact definition for individual access. Further attributes allow the unblocking of authorized devices, the setting of time limitations, restrictions for certain groups for example users, computers, networks and many more configuration possibilities.

An overview of the advantages

  • Roll-out can be centrally distributed within companies
  • Reliable and quick encryption of whole hard disks or certain partition
    • AES-NI Support
    • FIPS 140-2 certified encryption module
  • Quick pre-boot authentication
    • Support for passwords, chipcards, token, smartcards
    • Single sign-on
    • Emergency log on when password is forgotten, online or via challenge response
  • Quick and reliable recovery tools
    • Data recovery without forced encryption
    • Central management of the recovery keys
  • In the case of data being lost or stolen there is the option via "Remote Wipe" to delete the data

Local, central, mobile or in the Cloud

With DriveLock File Protection you have full flexibility

DriveLock File Protection offers a unique user or group based encryption of data, which is so easy to configure and a very cost effective solution which can be implemented within the entire company.

f you have data saved on a local hard disk, a network share on a company server, an external USB device or a Cloud based service like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive, it makes no difference they can all be encrypted.

DriveLock File Protection supports:

DriveLock: Safe time, reduce costs

With DriveLock it is possible to encrypt confidential and sensitive information so that only users who have access to the data are able to see them. Using the easy-to-use DriveLock user interface, it is possible to create different groups of users who have different access rights to the data.This can be done without the help of the IT administration and encrypted folders can be created quick and easily which saves time and costs for the company.

DriveLock File Protection encrypts sensitive information reliably due to the hardware based encryption (AES-NI).

On Windows and MAC PCs without a DriveLock installation encrypted files can be accessed using the portable App "DriveLockMobile". DriveLockMobile also can be copied to USB drives or cloud storage to share encrypted folders with people outside the company.

An overview of the advantages
  • Secure data encryption in the Cloud, on servers, desktops and laptops
  • Encryption of external devices for expample USB sticks
  • User and group based on access authorisation
  • No negative effect on existing technical processes
  • Central key management with self-service function for issuing of user keys
  • Integrated central reporting with loads of analysis possibilities
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Encryption 2-Go

To make sure that you can access your encrypted data on external drives from Windows or Mac computers without DriveLock, too, we developed Encryption 2-Go.

Containers which are encrypted with DriveLock can be decrypted on computers without DriveLock with DriveLock Mobile. This small application requires no installation, it can be easily started as an independent application.

Encryption 2-Go enables to connect or disconnect encrypted containers as normal drives. In case you would like to use the application without local administrator rights, it is also possible to open the container and to export or import files or folders.

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