Drivelock Mac


For files that you want to share easily with your friends, work colleagues and business partners we offer the solution DriveLock File Protection for Mac.

Files saved in the Cloud or copied onto an USB-Stick are always secure, if they are encrypted with DriveLock File Protection for Mac.

DriveLock File Protection for Mac encrypts your files with the up-to-date algorithm AES-256, therefore every file will be encrypted individually.

Encrypted folders using DriveLock are perfect for storing them in the Cloud. Supported Cloud storage providers are DropboxTM, Microsoft OneDriveTM or Google DriveTM.

Overview of the advantages and versions

  • Encryption directly on the device
  • Secure storage of passwords in key ring security system
  • File and folder encryption
  • Personalized file encryption - ideal for storing files in the Cloud
  • Access via the Windows and iOS versions
  • Encryption with up-to-date algorithm AES-256

For Mac DriveLock
Private free
Creation of encrypted folder
Reading/Writing of encrypted files unlimited unlimited unlimited
Creation/Modification of encrypted files up to 1GB unlimited unlimited
Integrated search engine
Phone support
Commercial use
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