Drivelock App

Easy and safe access to your documents

Everytime and everywhere in your Cloud

Encrypted files that have been encrypted with DriveLock File Protection on your Mac or Windows computer, can be accessed easily with the DriveLock App from your mobile device or tablet.

You only need the DriveLock App to access encrypted folders as well as unencrypted folders. All files and folders can be easily accessed at any time from the Cloud providers we support.

With the DriveLock App encrypted files and folders can be accessed on your DropboxTM, Microsoft OneDriveTM oder Google DriveTM.

Overview of the features

  • Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive are supported
  • Access to encrypted folders with the shortcut that DriveLock File Protection created
  • Encrypted with the algorithm AES-256
  • Individual file encryption - ideal for saving files in the Cloud
  • Shows all file types like Office-, PDF-, Photo-, Video- und Sound-Files
  • Access to all files in your Cloud (encrypted or not)
  • Decryption directly on your device
  • Inbuilt cache for shorter access time to files
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